Be it a car, boat or aircraft, we at Main Tape understand the importance of protecting the valuable surfaces of your vehicles from scratches, debris and damage. We also understand that your need to save energy and hassle during the application of surface protection products to your craft.

Confidence on Contact – This is our mantra. We’ve created superior surface protection products, all tough, durable and easy to apply, all with environmentally friendly adhesives, and all with your vehicles in mind. We’ve designed our product, perfectly, to protect yours.


Explore the full line of Main Tape’s automotive products including:

  • 22F07-480: AUTOMOTIVE CARPET INTERIOR – PROTECTIVE FILM — Highly durable, puncture resistant film used for temporary auto carpet protection. Perforated at 24″ widths for easy tearing during application.
  • 22F07-486: HIGH TACK AUTOMOTIVE CARPET & HEADLINER INTERIOR PROTECTION FILM Highly durable, puncture & impact resistant film: acrylic blend adhesive sticks to variety of industry-standard fabrics.
  • 2T17-150: WHITE TRANSIT EXTERIOR AUTOMOTIVE PROTECTION FILM – MEDIUM TACK — For protection of vehicles during transportation, from cars to boats to aircraft. Used on painted metal, bumpers, hoods, trunks, plastic moldings, door trim & panels, etc.
  • AV754: ONE YEAR PVC OUTDOOR FILM Heavy, durable, puncture resistant film used for longer-term projects: provides one-year of protection.
  • 3001-340: GENERAL PURPOSE AUTOMOTIVE INTERIOR FILM — Temporary barrier from scratches, stains, dirt, spills: high-performance, puncture resistant. Interior only.
Our teamed production systems, manufacturing expertise and supply chain knowledge will enhance the value and quality we deliver to our customers.