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Main Tape Sustainability

An environmental impact you can be proud of.

Protecting and restoring natural resources should be something that comes, well, naturally to us all. Though the concept of sustainability is an afterthought in some businesses, we find that the best way to keep it front and center at Main Tape is to literally make it our business.

Once that was done, we had another thought:

What if everybody in our industry approached sustainability the way Main Tape did?

Just think of the collective, positive impact.

All of us would utilize water-based adhesives instead of solvents for all our coated products.

Every box and core? 100% recyclable.

We’d reprocess thousands of pounds of paper, water and plastics, keeping them out of landfills and preventing wastewater.

We’d phase out metal banding straps for shipping and replace them with plastic straps that can be reused and recycled with ease.

We’d partner with companies to eliminate all cardboard packaging and foam packing, which is exactly what we’re doing with appliance manufacturer Electrolux and office furniture giant Knoll.

Can we project that every company will follow our lead? No.

But to reduce our environmental footprint, we don’t plan on waiting another second for them to implement their eco-friendly practices, either.

That’s a commitment to the planet you can feel great about every time we’re used in your world.

Our teamed production systems, manufacturing expertise and supply chain knowledge will enhance the value and quality we deliver to our customers.