Graphics Tapes & Films

You can leave behind a lasting impression. Or you can leave behind an adhesive residue. We bet we know which one you prefer.

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Surface Protection Films

Ready or not, the fabrication process is about to throw everything at your metals. You’d better bring the best shield in the business.

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Our mantra: Confidence on Contact. What does it mean? It stands for the high-quality of our surface protection film and application tape lines. It’s knowing that no matter what surface we’re tasked with covering, we will exceed our client’s expectations. It also means a team that responds confidently to the challenge they’re applied to. Nobody delivers on both promises quite like Main Tape. At every point of contact.




August 14, 2015

August Tape Terms: Release Coating & Release Lining

How do we prevent tape from adhering to tape when it’s rolled? There are a couple solutions. Release coating is a liquid compound (usually silicone) that is applied to the Read More...

July 15, 2015

Floor It with Main Tape’s Protective Films for Automotive Carpets

By Rick Alexander, National Sales Director, Surface Protection Automotive carpets protect your vehicle from dirt, spills and debris while providing a stylish accent to the vehicle’s interior and exterior color Read More...

July 13, 2015

Meet the Team: Eldy Hasley

Eldy Hasley joined Main Tape six years ago, but his experience as a Narrow Slitter goes back 45 years. Eldy has worked at other top tape and film companies including Read More...